About Us


About Us

Bioworld is young & dynamic company specializes in chemical free agriculture that is sustainable, eco-friendly and profitable.   Bioworld Research Technologies started as Technology & Research Consultancy Company for medical & biotechnology sectors. In 2006, Bioworld started training services for workforce & students and has become No.1 in Hyderabad and one of the top destinations for all the trainees in India.

Extensive research into microbial cost effective solutions to many agricultural practices have led the company to develop unique products which were a huge hit with farmers This led to manufacturing operations in the  year 2010 and since then there is looking back for the company. Eco-friendly farming concepts promoted by Bioworld reduced the fertilizer usage and provided savings in terms of costs & productivity.

Today Bioworld is known high quality, eco-friendly products that meet international standards in performance & productivity. With operations in AP, Telangana, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Odisha, Punjab, Haryana, J&K, Sikkim, Manipal   and Assam, Bioworld has become the top choice for organic farming community and all those who seek to try chemical-free agriculture which is both profitable and sustainable.


Bioworld was established in the year 2006 with  a mission to reduce chemical usage in agriculture ( fertilizer usage, pesticide usage) , eco-friendly farming concepts  that make agriculture profitable even for marginal farmers.

As a result of 4 years of pioneering scientific work and extensive trials in various climatic zones , soil types in various parts of India, Bioworld has launched an  innovative concept of microbial bioremediation through which chemical residues in the soil can be recycled & reused with better bioavailability, root growth, and protection. The Product named Soil Boost  was developed and soon become blockbuster product from the company generating huge sales in very first 6 months.

Today Bioworld manufactures products such as BIOVEG, BIOMIN, FLOWER MAGIC, COMPOST MAKER   for urban rooftop gardening and SOIL BOOST, ORGAMIN, BIOGROW, BIOSTIM, COTTON BOOST, CHILLI MAGIC, HALDI BOOST & SUN PRO for Organic agriculture.  

Values:   Bioworld is committed to sustainable chemical-free Organic farming which is both eco-friendly & profitable. 

Today Bioworld offers a new opportunity for housewives, unemployed, partially employed, students, job seekers an opportunity to improve their incomes by mastering OGRANIC FARMING. Bioworld provides free training in organic farming in collaboration with NSDC and the certificate "  CERTIFIED ORGANIC GROWER" provided by NSDC- Govt. of India. All the trainees will be provided loan assistance to start their own enterprise / organic outlet to sell biofertilizers, bio-pesticides, all bioinputs and also buy-back organic produce directly from farmers. for more details contact 



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