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Are you wondering how to grow organic farming? You have no formal training or skills in organic farming. You have small land for agriculture. No problem. Bioworld is an expert in organic farming technologies and developed hav many products for organic farming and especially for Vegtable growing. Contact Bioworld experts for all your queries regarding usage of natural products and organic farming. 

Organic farming involves more than just farming without chemicals. It requires changes to many parts of the crop and livestock production system such as enhanced use of integrated pest, weed and nutrient management techniques. These include using such preventative measures as crop rotations, cover crops, improved genetics, optimum populations, stress management and sanitation. They are essential to improving plant and herd health since many chemical tools for pest and disease control are not used in organic production. Organic farmers choose not to use synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and antibiotics. 

It is known fact that transition from chemical farming to organic is difficult and requires a lot of planning. Bioworld Research Technologies has developed innovative products that make farming without chemicals easy. Use of Bioworld products regularly will reduce the dependance on chemicals for productivity and pest management. 


Biowold  Products:                

1.       Soil Boost: Soil Boost is innovative product designed both for plant root growth and protection.The concept of SB is based on competetition exclusion. The root zone of plant is inoculated with multiple strains of beneficial bacteria so that there is no room for harmful organisms. SB is competitively priced and is sure to improve productivity in all types of soils.

2.       Biogrow promotes organic growth of plants by enhancing the bioavailability of nutrients. Unique combination of nutrients ensures optimal growth of plants. Slow release mechanism ensures continuous supply of nutrients for 2-3 months.

3.       Biostim:  Growth of plants sometimes is stunted by certain deficiencies. Bio-stimulation can enhance the flowering & fruit setting in plants. Biostim is scientifically formulated for bio-stimulation in flowers and fruits bearing plants.

4.       Orgamin:  It is highly scientific combination of organic minerals in chelated form . Orgamin improves productivity, quality , shelf life of fruits, vegetables and flowers. 

5.     Cotton Boost:  Specialized product for  improving  Cotton production , Control pests, Improve flowering in the cotton plants. Suitable for all types of Cotton and soil types. 

6.    Recycle :   Do not burn the farm after harvesting. Just "RECYCLE".  RECYCLE is high concentrate of cellulolytic & lignolytic microorganisms , which degrade and digest all the leftover organic materials                                like, hay, plants, leaves etc. in double quick time and aids in mulching. So speed the mulching, green manuring & composting by adding "RECYCLE". Your farm will be ready in 10days. 

7.   GERMINATOR: Treat your seed swith Germinator to enhance seed vigor, germination & seed establishment with GERMINATOR.  Economical and guarantee seed protection from most common plant pathogens such as Bacteria, Fungus & Virus.











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