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GERMINATOR  is a seed treatment product that will effectively give 100% protection to your seeds ( all types including cotton, paddy, sugarcane, vegetables, herbs, herbs, orchids, cash crops). from most pathogenic and common bacteria, fugus and viruses.

GERMINATOR  iseasy to use. Just mix the  1% ( 10gms per kilo of seed) GERMINATOR powder  in adequate water and soak the seeds for 30 minutes and sow. 


  1.     Total protection from most diseases caused by FUNGUS, BACTERIA & VIRUS.
  2.      Improved Germination upto 90-95%
  3.      Good seed & plant establishment & healthy growth with equal size.
  4.      Higher Yields.
  5.      Better results comared to other products such as Panchagavya & TRICHODERMA VIRIDI.



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